Women’s Agenda article about Domestic Violence

Women’s Agenda article about Domestic Violence

The article below comes from the Women’s Agenda Daily Update newsletter, dated 23rd April 2019.

On Thursday Borce Ristevski was sentenced to ‘at least’ six years in jail for killing his wife. The meagre sentence shocked many. Less shocking, due to its predictability, was the headline asking what ‘drove’ him to kill his wife. Kristine Ziwica explores why the media still search for excuses to justify these abhorrent crimes.

Men make up the majority of the Australian prison population but the number of women entering the prison system is increasing at a much faster rate. Madeline Hislop examines why.

A Liberal candidate has deleted a Facebook post likening Chloe Shorten to a pig. As Tarla Lambert writes attacking the opposition for their policies and politics is fair game. Attacking someone ( man or woman) on the way they look, is not.

Over the weekend, three musicians, Kira PuruAlex The Astronaut & WAAX frontwoman Marie DeVita, each took to social media to describe the different incidents that left them feeling variously degraded, anxious and harassed at their own concerts. They were either harassed or assaulted by concert goers who paid to watch them perform but couldn’t bring themselves to offer the artists the  dignity of respect.

Women undertake 72% of unpaid work in Australia the effect of which New Zealand feminist economist and former politician Professor Marilyn Waring CNZM says is dire.  “This has egregious outcomes that are totally gendered; childcare, superannuation, equal pay and pay equity, the right to leisure – Australian males lives ride on the exploitation of women’s work.”

And ICYMI Jane Caro tackles the subject of women & unpaid work and explains why she can’t be an unpaid mentor to every person who asks.

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