OWN Qld and COVID-19

OWN Qld and COVID-19

As at 18th March, our advice to our members and branches, based on information from both Federal and State Governments is as follows:

Branches at their own discretion may choose to cancel upcoming scheduled meetings.  Please check with the Convenor beforehand as to whether a meeting is going ahead or not.

Some branches have already cancelled upcoming meetings, however some others wish to continue for the time being until instructed otherwise.  Those meetings will  continue only under the following conditions:  –

  • Members and visitors with known health conditions,  compromised immune systems or preexisting medical conditions, including cancer, must NOT attend branch meetings as they may be at increased risk of contracting coronavirus (COVID19).
  • Anyone who feels unwell should not attend branch meetings as they themselves could have unknowingly been exposed to the virus while not feeling well with another condition, and may have become infectious.
  • Members must adhere to the guidelines provided by Qld Health in helping to prevent the spread of the virus.   https://www.qld.gov.au/health/conditions/health-alerts/coronavirus-covid-19/take-action/coronavirus-prevention
  • Physical contact is to be avoided and adequate social distancing is to be practised, about 1.5 metres between attendees.

Branches are endeavouring to set up other means of keeping everyone connected and in touch with each other, through phone calls and perhaps smaller gatherings in more open spaces eg local parks.  We wish to keep everyone informed and in touch as much as we possibly can.

Any questions, please contact the office 33582301